Tuesday, November 30, 2004

D20 Shakespeare

Never expected to see a line of d20 Adventures based on the works of Shakespeare. I will be curious to see how this comes along.

D20 Shakespeare

The Phobia List

For all of you Call of Cthulhu Keepers, and general horror GMs.

The Phobia List

Textbook Disclaimer Stickers

Disclaimer stickers for science textbooks, at least for until after 2008.

Textbook disclaimer stickers

Remember, kids, gravity is a theory and not a fact!


"This week there has been considerable news coverage of discussions by the Cobb County Board of Education regarding the science curriculum in the Cobb County School District. The coverage has contained statements that are inaccurate and misleading.

"The Board has not restricted nor is it considering restricting the teaching of the theory of evolution in the District's science classrooms.

"The Board is not considering requiring, permitting or promoting the teaching of creationism or other faith-based ideas of origin of the species in science classrooms.

"It is the long-standing educational philosophy of the Cobb County Board of Education as set out in its Rule IA to provide a broad-based curriculum to its students. To that end, the Board wants to ensure that the science curriculum of the District exposes students to a variety of testable theories and scenarios regarding the origin of the species in compliance with the Constitutions of the United States and Georgia.

"Cobb County Board of Education"

Friday, November 26, 2004

Fun With Reality

Wayne Manzo Publisher, Human Rights Leader, Scientist: News and Photo Art

"The man in the photo is non-other than Editor, Publisher, and Scientist, Wayne E. Manzo. Editor and Publisher of "America's Line: The Truth is Here!" and "The American Resister!" . Both investigative news magazines on the net that provide factual research and journalistic material about the existence of the "Martian Race" and "Martian Agency" in human society. (both censored by the RACE!).

"Wayne E. Manzo is also the plaintiff in America's only "real" civil rights(human rights) case that addresses the issues of slavery, genocide,and censorship by the "Martian Race".

"He has been kept a prisoner on the streets of America's "Alien Hive" cities since 1990__abducted from human society."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Internet Sacred Text Archive Home

Sacred texts from religious traditions around the world, all a mouse click away. All sorts of excellent resources for your campaigns.

Internet Sacred Text Archive Home

Thursday, November 18, 2004



Pittsburgh Names Bridge for Warhol

Who would have thought that they would have done that. I got the impression that Pittsburgh pretty much ignored him while he was alive. I guess it is better to be dead and famous than alive and famous. Although, I have to say that I bet that Warhol would have been thrilled to have a bridge named after him. If only it was a bridge of shoes...

Pittsburgh Names Bridge for Warhol

Substandard Artists For Trade

If I hadn't know better, would have thought this a joke. Now, I hope that it isn't.

Substandard Artists For Trade

"H.O.P.E. (Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment) and Rhino Records are offering the good people of America who have been duped into buying Ashlee Simpson's CD a reprieve; the opportunity to turn in her CD for one of a higher entertainment quality. Elvis Costello, The Ramones, X, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Aretha Franklin, Mr. Bungle, Ray Charles, Abe Lincoln Story, Grateful Dead, Neil Hamburger, Joni Mitchell, and Brian Wilson. Due to the overwhelming response, and the public's suggestions of other substandard artists for trade, this exchange will continue indefinitely and will be expanded to include other artists who are detrimental to the public's well being. Starting immediately we will also accept any Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Lachay, Jessica Simpson, Creed, Paris Hilton, Limp Bizkit, and any boy band albums for trade. If you're in a city outside NYC or L.A., contact Hopeinfilm@aol.com or visit www.hopeinamerica.com for an exchange."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


The blog of author Jeff VanderMeer. A very interesting blog about the writing of modern fantasy. This isn't Tolkein. He also profiles a lot of other authors, and books that he finds interesting. Very much worth checking out if you are into the genre, or those of Dark Fantasy or Horror.


"I'm an award-winning writer of surreal and fantastical fiction. My latest books are Veniss Underground and City of Saints & Madmen. My nonfiction collection Why Should I Cut Your Throat? will be out in October 2004."

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Amazon.com: Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies

I'm not sure if this is real, or one of those bizarre Amazon brain farts that come along. But its still funny.

Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies


Discovery of Atlantis Website

"What if one of humankind’s greatest mysteries could be solved by a single geographical and archeological discovery—the discovery of the actual location of the legendary Atlantis?"

Monday, November 15, 2004

'Flash' comic creator Harry Lampert dies

'Flash' comic creator Harry Lampert dies

"Harry Lampert, known worldwide as the creator of the DC Comic hero 'The Flash,' and the author of several popular instructional books about Bridge, died Saturday morning at Boca Raton Community Hospital.

"Lampert, who lived with his wife, Adele, in Deerfield Beach, was suffering from cancer, his family said. He was 88.

"Despite years as a gag cartoonist and then as a bridge aficionado, Lampert will be most remembered by legions of fans for the creation of the 1940s DC comic book 'Flash Comics #1,' which heralded the debut of a college student who, after an accident in a chemical lab, found he had blinding speed and used it to fight crime.
Lampert and writer Gardner Fox collaborated on The Flash before Lampert put ink to paper and made comic book history.

"'He based it on the character in mythology (Hermes) ... the wings on his feet,' said daughter Karen Lampert. 'He had no idea how big it would be.'

"Lampert, who was born Nov. 13, 1916, in New York, began his drawing career at 16, inking cartoons at Fleischer Studios for such popular characters as Popeye, Betty Boop and KoKo the Clown."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Friday, November 12, 2004

Marvel Sues 2 Cos. Over Role-Playing Game

Marvel Sues 2 Cos. Over Role-Playing Game

"Marvel Enterprises Inc. is suing two firms behind a computer superhero role-playing game it claims allows players to make virtual characters that are too similar to 'The Hulk,' 'X-Men' and other heroes in the comic book company's stable."

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Actor Colin Farrell Not Interested in 007 Role

Well, gee. Darn.

Actor Colin Farrell Not Interested in 007 Role

"Irish actor Colin Farrell says he is not interested in becoming the next James Bond. Working as Alexander the Great seems to be enough."

Monday, November 08, 2004

Analyzing Customers, Best Buy Decides Not All Are Welcome

I can't imagine customers going to that much effort. Why in the world would you go through the hassles of the lines and wonderful service at Best Buy in order to just "flip" merchandise? This is customer service in its purest form.

Analyzing Customers, Best Buy Decides Not All Are Welcome

"Brad Anderson, chief executive officer of Best Buy Co., is embracing a heretical notion for a retailer. He wants to separate the 'angels' among his 1.5 million daily customers from the 'devils.'
Best Buy's angels are customers who boost profits at the consumer-electronics giant by snapping up high-definition televisions, portable electronics, and newly released DVDs without waiting for markdowns or rebates.

"The devils are its worst customers. They buy products, apply for rebates, return the purchases, then buy them back at returned-merchandise discounts. They load up on 'loss leaders,' severely discounted merchandise designed to boost store traffic, then flip the goods at a profit on eBay. They slap down rock-bottom price quotes from Web sites and demand that Best Buy make good on its lowest-price pledge. 'They can wreak enormous economic havoc,' says Mr. Anderson.

"Best Buy estimates that as many as 100 million of its 500 million customer visits each year are undesirable. And the 54-year-old chief executive wants to be rid of these customers."

Friday, November 05, 2004

Naked bid to fly Down Under - Nov 3, 2004

While it may not be dorky....I do think its funny.

CNN.com - Naked bid to fly Down Under - Nov 3, 2004

"A Canadian man, angry that he was refused a plane ticket to Australia at Los Angeles International Airport, stripped naked, sprinted across the tarmac and climbed into the wheel well of a moving jumbo jet, officials said on Wednesday."

Godchecker - Your Guide To The Gods. Mythology with a twist!

Irreverant yet truthful in its facts. Certainly worth checking out. Be sure to check the "What Would Loki Do?" link.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bloggers Said to Blame for Bad Poll Info

This really pisses me off. You know what, bloggers don't try to appear as if they are official newsgathering sources, nor do most of them pretend to be objective (like network news) but this is nuts. I can't believe that the networks don't have the balls to admit that they screwed things up AGAIN with election coverage. If you read the article, you will see that the "blogs" cited (and not all of them are even blogs) even said that the poll results were early and Slate even said "these early exit poll numbers do not divine the name of the winner."

I think that the networks need to take a good long look at their overzealous coverage of the election results, and stop reporting that a candidate has "won" a state when only 3% of the polls are reporting. The networks need to look at themselves, and their coverage of the election and not push the blame off onto others for their mistakes.

Ok, I promise this will be the last political posting for a very long time.

Bloggers Said to Blame for Bad Poll Info

"News organizations promised Wednesday to look into why their Election Day exit polls showed an initial surge for John Kerry, but also blamed bloggers for spreading news that gave a misleading view of the presidential race."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator

But regardless of frustration, or who you support....just go out and vote!

Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator - November 2, 2004

"I'll vote today, but I'll be grumpy about it. Like - if one believes the polls - a majority of Americans, I am dissatisfied with the choices that the two-party system has thrown up (and that turn of phrase is no accident). And like the majority of Americans, I am in a very significant sense disenfranchised with respect to the Presidential election. I live in Texas. Texas is clearly in the Bush column. My vote doesn't count; even my local effort wouldn't count. If I want to support Bush, he doesn't need it. If I favor someone else, I cannot tilt the scales his way by as much as a hair. The only way I could have affected the election would have been to send somebody a lot of money. What's wrong with this picture?"