Geeky Voices Carry

Did you know that we also do a video blog/podcast called Geeky Voices Carry? Every two weeks (roughly) we do a live recording of our podcast via Google+ Hangout. These are forever (or until the service runs out) then hosted up on YouTube channel that I keep (it also hosts our weekly Actual Play videos as well).

If Geeky Voices Carry has a manifesto it would be to keep it simple and remember to have fun. The podcast grew out of our weekly gaming group, after +Stacy Dellorfano said that we should do a broadcast of the bits before and after the game where we chatted and caught up on things. I think that it was a couple of weeks later when we did our first broadcast. We keep things pretty low-fi and DIY. We don't use editing, and we keep a casual, conversational tone to things. We aren't experts...we're four people sitting around a table and talking about geeky things, whether those things are related to gaming, the books we're reading, the TV shows and movies that we're watching or even the music that we listen to. We aren't trying to be professional broadcasters, we're just a group of friends having fun. That's what we think that gaming should be and that is what informs our podcast. We know that this approach isn't for everyone, but we don't care.

Be sure to also check out myself (+Christopher Helton), +David Rollins and +Josh Thompson over on G+ as well (I already gave you a link to Stacy). It's all sides of the same ongoing conversations.

If you want to listen to the podcast version of our podcast, just click here for the Podcast Garden homepage. To add the RSS feed to your podcast aggregation software, click here.

You can watch the YouTube videos here on the page. There may be a delay in my remembering to post the videos, so check this link for the Geeky Voices Carry playlist (which may or may not be as up to date).