Google+ Actual Play

There is a lot of "tabletop" role-playing that is going on using Google Plus as the virtual tabletop. I have been getting months of great play out of the site, as have others. The recent addition of Hangouts on the Air to the G+ Hangouts allows people to record their game sessions and upload them to YouTube. People like actual plays, and since these recordings can be useful for recruiting fellow gamers to both Google+ and existing games, I thought that I would create a static page that points to the videos of some of the great gaming that is going on online via GooglePlus, as well as all of the gamers who are having a lot of fun with the resource.

If you are running games on G+ and have a video of them, send me a message via G+ ( or Twitter ( and I will make sure that your links get included here. It doesn't matter to me what game or style of play that you're using, just that your group is using G+ Hangouts in order to game. If you do submit a link, please create a playlist. It is easier to have one single dynamic link than to link to each individual video. Hopefully this list will grow longer as there are more submissions.

I have also created a thread over on G+ that you can use to share links to your actual play. There is a Google Plus page called Hangout RP that is gathering people who are interested in recording their play on Google Plus' Hangouts.

I've been running a weekly Swords & Wizardry game for a few months now. We have lately decided to start recording them with Hangouts on the Air. For some it is old school gaming, for us it is just how we spend our Tuesday nights.You can find our Swords & Wizardry playlist here:

Steam & Crumpets is a game run by Stacy Dellorfano. The game is described as "Steam & Crumpets is a Changeling: The Lost (nWoD) game set in Victorian London, 1891, Steampunkified. New episodes played live via Google+ Hangouts, every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern. Follow us on Google+!" The link to the playlist for Steam & Crumpets can be found here:

Dallas McNally has been recording his group's playing through of the Against The Giants series of classic D&D modules. His are hosted over at Vimeo.This is the link to the Against The Giants actual play videos:

From Bryan Rumph comes a Risius campaign entitled Ordinary-Extraordinary! Bryan describes the campaign as "Small, Ordinary People in a Small, Ordinary College town. NOT. Best described as Eerie, Indiana, Ankh-Morpork, and Eureka in a blender." Ordinary-Extraordinary also has a G+ page at You can find the link to the game's playlist at 

We have a Tri-Stat game called Defence Against the Far-Realm. The description of this game is "A Tristat Game being Group GMed following the adventures of space travelers upon a giant ship." You can find a playlist for this game here:

There is a World of Darkness game called Insidiae Obscurus. There isn't a description for it, but it looks interesting. You can find a playlist for it here:

Champions of Ramburges is a homebrewed system and setting being run via the G+ Hangouts. You can find a playlist for it here:

I found this video of some people using G+ Hangouts to play Rifts. They don't have a playlist set up (hopefully that will change), but for now you can find their first video here: It looks like they're having fun.

Rafael Chandler has an actual play "demo" of his RPG ViewScream, an RPG that is designed to be played over G+ Hangout. ViewScream is a role-playing game designed for Google+ Hangout. It's a low-prep game, and requires 2 ten-sided dice. Premise: Four officers (Medical, Bridge, Weapons, and Engineering) find themselves aboard a damaged starship, in great peril. They're cut off from each other, and can only communicate via viewscreens throughout the ship. More info:

There's a Shadowrun game called Virtual Lightning over here: The Virtual Lightning campaign also has an information page here:

More New World of Darkness/Changeling action with the Changeling Lost Vegas campaign:

Here's a cool looking campaign called Malice in Sunderland: in Sunderland is a New World of Darkness/Changeling game set in Northeast England.

Here's a game called The Island that uses the Fate Core rules:

Emi Cordill hosts two campaigns on her YouTube channel. Stained Glass and Steam (run by Ellie Schnee) and Stained Blood by herself