The Dorkland Roundtables

As Google added the capability for video Hangouts, and eventually video broadcasting to their services, I did a series of interviews that I called Dorkland Roundtables from 2012-2013. With over 40 interviews I talked with designers and publishers at all levels of experience to get an overview of tabletop RPGs and its history. We talked about what got them started on being designers, and also some of their other interests and hobbies. I learned a lot about aspects of the hobby that I really didn't know about, like LARPs and miniatures, and got to put faces and voices to some of the names that we had all seen on the covers of gaming books over the years. In chronological order, these are the interviews. As you can see, there are some stumbles, but overall I am pretty proud of what I did with these. I hope that you like them as well.

Note: This page is under reconstruction as I have to update all the linked videos, because of code changes in how Blogger embeds YouTube videos from when this page was originally set up. Double Note: It looks like Blogger's method for embedding YouTube videos has changed again, so I'm going to have to figure this out. In the meantime, you can click the link to my YouTube channel in the right sidebar and explore these interviews manually.

Fred Hicks

Sean Preston

Kirin Robinson

James Maliszewski

The Super-Powered Dorkland Roundtable
Featuring: Jeff Dee, Steve Kenson, Cam Banks, Joshua Kubli and Chris Rutkowsky

Jacob Wood