Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Mr Stabby - written by Joel Veitch, animation by Weebl

Strangely...this is how I feel today.

fear the capitalist mafia: in glorious technicolor.

fear the capitalist mafia: in glorious technicolor.:

"AlexiaIscariot: everytime I read your website I'm reminded of how much infinitly cooler you are then me
Mobyfication: HAHAHA you are much cooler than pear genitals.
AlexiaIscariot: am I?
AlexiaIscariot: AM I?
AlexiaIscariot: your heart is a habanero
AlexiaIscariot: my soul is a pickle
Mobyfication: together we make the worst fucking chutney ever"

Monday, September 22, 2003

Neil Gaiman

Wow...I am utterly amazed that I have never caught this blog before. How could I have missed Neil Gaiman's blog?

Neil Gaiman: "(Remember: if you're in New York, go to the Public Library on 5th Avenue and 41st, go up to the third floor, and --this is not a joke -- follow the signs to the Men's Toilets. Just before you reach the toilets, you get to the Charles Addams original art exhibit, which changes several times a year, and is always wonderful.)"

Friday, September 19, 2003

Guardians Of Order - GoO-Blog

Guardians Of Order - GoO-Blog: "Welcome to our latest internet venture -- our GoO-Blog, or Guardians Of Order Web Log!

The GoO-Blog is for more personal interactions with our fan and customers than our company presence on our message boards and mailing lists. You'll still get current information and company updates, but we'll be more conversational and less formal. Additionally, we plan to give you a peek at the company operations, a 'behind-the-scenes' look at what we're doing and why."

PULP FANTASY for the d20 and Action! System

This is the RPG that I am currently writing for this company.

PULP FANTASY for the d20 System: "PULP FANTASY

This d20 Modern and Action! System campaign book transports you to the world of the Pulp Era, from the end of World War I to the beginning of World War II. This is the age of the two fisted pulp adventure and allows you to transfer yourself from the world of the mundane to the world of the hero. Step foot into darkest Africa or into your backyard where the heroes are those that walk the night.
Included in this book are:

New character classes and Templates.
Rules on Weird Science creation.
New skills and feats developed for the Pulp Genre.
The Monsters and Villains of the Pulp Era - Nazis, Mummies, and more.

A definitive sourcebook for d20/d20 Modern and the Action! System.

Welcome To Dorkland

Welcome to Dorkland. There will be more to come.