Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Mental State of the Union

Again from John Shirley's website....something that is of relevence to myself and might be to other perusers of this blog. Click on the links above or below for the full text of the piece.

Mental State of the Union

"1. I'm Okay, If You Say So

I'm sane, no, really, I am.

I'm not insane. No, really, I'm not.

Except...I've struggled with clinical depression and drug addiction, and these are both diseases of the brain. For a long time I made the same mistakes in life over and over, knowing better each time -- but doing it anyway. I was married and divorced four times before I figured out that I was giving in to relationship-wrecking compulsive behavior.

But since I don't rave on the street, I don't stalk people or have delusions of grandeur or hallucinate or hear voices, let's pretend I'm not crazy.

When I was young, I was in a mental hospital because of an overdose of a powerful street drug. "