Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Julius Schwartz, RIP

The passing of a man who's like will never again be seen in the worlds of comics. It would be easier to list the things that he didn't do than what he did do. Along with Stan Lee, Julius Schwartz was responsible for what we now know as the "silver age" of comics. He will be missed. Click here for the AP wire service obituary.

Julius Schwartz Tribute at DC Comics

Julius Schwartz, one of the best-loved and most influential members of both the comics and science fiction communities, died Sunday morning, February 8, in Winthrop Hospital in New York from complications from pneumonia. Schwartz was 88 years old.

Schwartz, who was popularly called "a living legend" and served as DC's Editor Emeritus, will be remembered as one of the founders of science fiction fandom, as a comic-book editor whose vision spanned five decades with DC Comics, and as the architect of comics' Silver Age, revitalizing the careers of such super-heroes as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and The Justice League of America.

"DC has lost a living legend this weekend and a true original," says Paul Levitz, DC's President & Publisher. "Julie was an editor who entertained and educated millions over three generations, performed the near-impossible feat of getting great work out of his contributors without ever ruffling their feelings, and taught many of us our craft. If the measure of an editor is the respect of his peers, he was immeasurable — for his peers who loved and respected him were often legends in their own right. Most of us were simply left in awe."

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