Monday, March 15, 2004

All Things Nigerian

Why do they think that people will fall for this? Have people fallen for this?

Office of the financial controller.
Federal Ministry of Agriculture,
Building 6/7 Falomo Lagos Nigeria.
I am MR.JOHN IBRAHHIM,The financial controller of Federal
Ministry Agriculture (FMA) Headquarters lagos.
I am writing on behalf of my colleagues in the Ministry and
have been assigned to seek for the assistance of a reliable
foreign company through which we can transfer the sum of
THIRTY MILLION U.S DOLLARS ONLY (US$30,000,000). This money
is deposited in the FMA Treasury account with the Central
Bank of Nigeria.
ORIGIN OF THE FUND: This sum arose from the deliberated
over-invoicing of contract awarded by my ministry to
foreign firm in the twilight days of the last military
regime. This contract has been completely executed and
commissioned and the contractor that handled this contract
has collected his full and final payment thus leaving
behind the above stated amount which represent the over
invoiced sum.
We have been safeguarding this money for conducive time for
it?s transfer out of the country for our personal use.
However, the code of employment does not allow us (civil
servants) to own and operate foreign
account and because the contract was handled by aforeign
firm and the payment made in dollars, we now need a foreign
partner that will present himself as the sub-contractor so
that the fund will be transfer into your company?s or
personal account.Your address was made available to us by a
very good friend who work with the Nigeria export promotion
council and he assured usof your company?s viability and
capability in business transaction.
This assurance gave us the courage to link you up in this
particular transaction and I hope it will be of mutual
benefit to all of us.
Note that the nature of your business is not particularly
relevant to the success of the transaction. All we require
is your willingness to present yourself as the
subcontractor by providing your bank information so that
the fund will be transferred into your account.
SHARING RATIO:For your assistance in this business , your
share will be 30% of the total fund. I and my colleagues
will take 60% while we set aside 10% for any expenses that
may incurred in the course of this transaction. If you are
willing to assist us in this business.Forward the
particulars of your bank account and also your private
phone and fax numbers.
This information will enable us put an application for
payment approval to the concerned Ministries and final to
the Central Bank of Nigeria (C.B.N) and it is going to last
for 6-7 working days starting from the day we receive the
above information.
All modalities for the take ?off of this transaction have
been worked out and further action will commence mmediately
we hear from you. I am waiting for your reply via my
private email address ( for security


Thanks, yours faithfully.