Saturday, May 29, 2004

Did heavy metal turn Calif. kid into terrorist? -

Edit: Well. I'm being told by friends that, perhaps, this article was intended with a sarcastic intent, which I am hoping is the case. I can see it to a degree and I really hope that it would be the case. Let me know what you think.

Ok. This is officially nuts. Now, while this might be a little out of character for me and this blog...but I want every single person who reads this blog to click on the email address below or call the phone number and lodge a complaint for this guy being a complete and utter idiot. I'm sure that it won't be that many people, but it should be enough. However, I want everyone to be civil and not use any profanity. I don't want the protest to be discounted because of that. Post a comment when you've protested.

Eric Heyl is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer. He can be reached at or (412) 320-7857.

Did heavy metal turn Calif. kid into terrorist? -

"If only Adam Gadahn hadn't played air guitar while listening to the likes of Metallica, Motorhead or Motley Crue, he undoubtedly would not be the subject of a worldwide manhunt today."

Yeah, Metalica, Motorhead and Motley Crue have all been known for their anti-American, pro-Islamic terrorist messages. This guy is an idiot. I'd be embarassed to be from Pittsburg if this is how they are being represented.

This just in: Contact the Pittsburgh Live site, and the newspapers involved.

Ok, rant is over...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Why Does The Voice of William Burroughs Come From My Laptop?


"I really can't explain it. Every morning, I get up - usually take a shower unless I'm horribly late for work, towel off, shave and shit, and there it is. The laptop sitting in the corner has turned itself on, and within the activated sound editor is that voice. And it's not mine. The file it makes is sometimes filled with gibberish, but more often than not, it's filled with the same tired sounding creative bitterness that we all remember as William S. Burroughs. Sometimes it's moody, but often it's just pissed off. After finding myself staring at the laptop for more mornings than I want to remember, I felt that I should get these out to the rest of the world. It wouldn't be a curse, if it wasn't worth sharing. "

Dawn Of The Dead Actor is 'Afghan Prince'

Dawn of the Dead actor is 'Afghan prince'

"A Hollywood actor who starred in horror film Dawn Of The Dead has found he is prince of the Afghan province of Ghor. " [via Jason Hyde]

What A Blog!

Isn't this a wonderful blog? I love how the google ads (look at the top of the page) crawl through these entries to find the appropriate links for this blog, and the people who read it (yeah, like there's an audience). So, what links in the google ad did I notice earlier: Nyarlathotep plushes, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow. What a wonderful world.



Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary

There are ads on the page, but no annoying pop-ups. A number of other languages are available as well. A good resource for gamers.

Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary

"English to Japanese Dictionary"

Vaseline Man Can't Slip Cops

The Further Adventures of Vaseline Man

"Meet Robert Chamberlain. The 44-year-old Virginia man was arrested earlier this month and charged with felony criminal mischief for damaging a Motel 6 room in upstate New York. But Chamberlain, who has spent time on the pipe, wasn't breaking windows or throwing the television off the balcony. He was nabbed for slathering Vaseline on every single thing in Room 205--mattresses, pillows, sheets, furniture, carpeting, blankets, the TV, etc. A motel clerk discovered the damage after Chamberlain checked out and called the Broome County Sheriff's Office. When Deputy Kevin Smith arrived, the greasy m.o. rang a bell--a couple of weeks earlier a room at a nearby Super 8 was also apparently slimed by Chamberlain (though the owner declined at the time to press charges). A check of Room 205's trash turned up 14 empty containers of Vaseline, drug paraphernalia, cocaine residue, and porno magazines, 'which also were slathered/smeared with Vaseline,' according to a sheriff's report. Shortly after the Motel 6 damage was found on May 9, Chamberlain was arrested at--big surprise here--a nearby Econo Lodge. The arrestee, of course, was 'smeared from head to foot with Vaseline.' Ewww."

Monday, May 24, 2004

Vandals attack historic monument

Vandals attack historic monument

"A gang of youths climbed on top of The Shepherd's Monument at Shugborough Hall and smashed ornamental sea shells at about 1500 BST on Tuesday.

"Experts were called in recently to examine an inscription on the 250-year-old monument rumoured to reveal the location of the Holy Grail. "

Friday, May 14, 2004

A Failing Grade For "Friends" - May 12,

A Failing Grade For "Friends" - May 12,

"Though 'Friends' would prove to be a lucrative ratings powerhouse, the sitcom's pilot received a failing grade and was described as 'not very entertaining, clever, or original,' according to an internal NBC research report obtained by The Smoking Gun. Months before the program's debut, 'Friends' was shown to test audiences that were 'not very favorable' to the show or its six main characters, according to the May 1994 report (a copy of which you'll find below). In fact, the pilot performance was graded 'weak' and scored a paltry 41 out of 100. By comparison, 'ER' scored a 91, though 'Seinfeld' famously also earned a 'weak' rating. While Courteney Cox's Monica fared best with test audience members, her appeal was 'well below desirable levels for a lead.' The characters portrayed by Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry had 'marginal appeal,' and 'Rachel, Ross, and Joey scored even lower.' A particularly stinging rebuke was delivered by adults 35 and over, who felt 'this group did not really care about each other the way real friends would. They found the characters smug, superficial, and self-absorbed.' TSG couldn't stand the show, so the brutal research analysis sounded pretty accurate to us--both then and now. However, considering the show's spectacular success during its 10-year run, the NBC report is merely an odd footnote to the 'Friends' success story."

Anomalies Unlimited

This is the strange and unusual...

Anomalies Unlimited