Wednesday, September 22, 2004

They Might Be Downloads

They Might Be Giants Launch Download Site

"Alternative rock duo They Might Be Giants are starting a download store, selling tracks for $.99 and full-length albums for $10.

The site ( offers tracks from the band's 2002 children's album 'No!' (Rounder), the 2002 rarities compilation 'They Got Lost' (Idlewild), latest full-length 'The Spine' (Zoe) and the EP 'The Spine Surfs Alone,' as well as live shows from the 2004 'Spine Hits the Highway' tour. The remainder of TMBG catalog will not be available on the site."

I guess that my problem with it is that the stuff that I would want, the classic TMBG stuff, isn't available. The record label is too busy selling the mp3s elsewhere for their own profits. While the newer music is still good, and of course better than most pop music out there, it doesn't feel the same for me that the old stuff does. I think that the last song of theirs that I really liked was Dr. Worm. Since then, its been a bit dull. The free mp3s are ok though.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Oldman Quits 'Star Wars' Sequel

Does this spell trouble for Lucas and the final of the Star Wars prequels? Personally, I just wish that he would get them done so that we can get on with pretending that they never happened.

Since I don't really understand what it means, I wish there was an explanation of him "working illegally."

Oldman Quits 'Star Wars' Sequel

"Wild actor Gary Oldman has pulled out of the next Star Wars movie because he refuses to work overseas illegally. The Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban star had agreed to be the voice of evil Jedi knight killer General Grievous in Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith, but quit the production because it was made outside the Screen Actor's Guild rules. Oldman's spokesman explains, 'Gary was excited and looking forward to working on the film. The snag is that the movie is being made without members of the Screen Actor's Guild. It means Gary would have been working illegally overseas. Out of respect and solidarity with the other members, he could not and would not consider violating the rules of his union.'"

Friday, September 10, 2004

Fluxblog Is Not Essing Around

Fluxblog Is Not Essing Around

Another interesting looking mp3/music blog. Certainly a nice variety of musical styles. I'll have to check some of these mp3s out. Although I think I can do without a String Quartet version of anything by Beyonce. Unless its those Apocalyptica guys.

The Mystical Beast

An mp3 and music blog that looks like it has some pretty good stuff. Love his piece from yesterday on Tegan & Sara. I like them, and definitely have to track down some of their stuff. A blog well worth checking out.

The Mystical Beast

MP3 s Hits . com

Thursday, September 09, 2004

RTalsorian Games - Mike's Rant

RTalsorian Games - Mike's Rant

Since I'm never sure how often this is updated, look for the header of Interlock vs Fuzion: the Battle Rages On. Does this mean that Mike Pndsmith is back at the helm of Cyberpunk 3x? I'm not going to hold my breathe until a book is announced in something like Previews. Does the begining of this "rant" mean that Mike is backpedalling on Fuzion? Its amazing how fans of a game that is based on extraoplation and a potential world of tomorrow can be so reactionary about a game system.

My opinions of Fuzion are pretty well known among those people who have had to listen to me about them. Fuzion is an obvious evolution of a good system, and the nice thing about it is that it moves the Cyberpunk game away from its class-based origins. Cyberpunk is D&D.

RPGnet: Review of The World of Synnibarr

RPGnet: Review of The World of Synnibarr

"Contrary to my expectations, the World of Synnibarr did not suck all of the flesh off of my face, leaving behind only a screaming skull. It did not rape my other gaming products, leaving them pregnant with “neomods”, McCracken-speak for something as simple as a gaming module. It did not shoot twin streams of hydrochloric acid into my eyes, nor did it squat on my chest and stare at me when I was trying to sleep."

You know that you want to buy a copy. - Two Muppets named top scientists

Two Muppets named top scientists

"EXETER, England (Reuters) -- Muppets Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker defeated Dr. Strangelove, Dana Scully of 'X Files' fame and Star Trek's Mr. Spock to be voted Britain's favorite screen scientists."

Cthuugle Ph'nglui Search Fhtagn!

Cthuugle Ph'nglui Search Fhtagn!

"The complete HP Lovecraft Search Engine "

Cthulhu For President in '04

Probably best that I not reprint it here, but it is funny none the less. Why vote for the lesser evil? Cthuhlu for President! Click the above link for the main site.

The Elder Party Platform

Why Vote Cthulhu?
On Homeland Security:
Who would mess with Cthulhu? 'nuff said.

On Foreign Policy:
Our candidate routinely meets with an asian special interest group called the "Tcho tcho". The word "leng" has been heard mentioned many times, and that's the chinese word for "cool"!!

On Mental Health:
Many of you have asked: "What Would Cthulhu Do, if voted into office?" The anwser is: Drive Everyone Mad and Eat Them...

On the Economy and the Environment:
Great Cthulhu has solutions for unemployment and protecting the environment, for after Cthulhu eats half the world's population there will be plenty of job openings and urban sprawl will be a thing of the past.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

You Be The Judge....

Too much free time? You be the judge....

NY Vanity Plate Complaints

NY Vanity Plate Complaints

Comments By Kromm

While not official, this page has gathered some of the commentary on the new GURPS 4e rules by Sean Punch, the GURPS Line Editor. Still should have some usefullness to them for GURPS fans.

Overall comments