Thursday, October 14, 2004


Just so you (whomever you are) know, apparently my blog crashed at some point in the night last night and the template disappeared. So, this morning I went to make a post and was faced with a blank page. *sigh* I picked a new look for the page (hope you like it...not that it really matters) with a little more color. Luckily I was able to grab a cached copy of the blog from Google so all of the links and the news banner, and etc. will slowly but surely make a return to the page.

Edit: At this point, I am pretty sure that I have recaptured everything from the old page. Thank for Google and its cache function. Welcome, or welcome back, to Dorkland. Please be sure to look around and check out any of the many sites that have been linked to from here. The "Dork Links" are my permanent links, semi-regularly tested to make sure that they are not broken. They are a number of different things, from websites of strangeness, to game company sites and designer blogs.

Autonomedia is a favorite site of mine, they publish the books that most publishers are afraid of. I got a copy of one of my favorite books from them a couple of months ago. T.A.Z. is a great resource for GMs, particularly those running a "dark future" or perhaps a "post apocalyptic" game. It is full of ideas that you will never find in an RPG supplement. I am going to utilize ideas from it for my upcoming Call of Cthulhu game.