Friday, February 25, 2005

Hasbro Launching Musical Toothbrush

This is pretty screwed up.

Hasbro Launching Musical Toothbrush

"Toymaker Hasbro, Inc. is injecting music into the act of brushing teeth. The company announced Friday that it's launching 'Tooth Tunes,' a toothbrush that transmits music through the jawbone to the ear when its bristles touch teeth.

"'You can clearly hear the words and the music,' said Brian Goldner, president of Hasbro's U.S. Toys unit. 'You can hum right along if you like.'

"For someone standing near a person brushing, the noise would be a muted hum, Goldner said.

"The battery-operated toothbrush contains a tiny microchip that stores the song. When the user presses a button and starts brushing, the sound vibrations pass through the tooth, to the jawbone and directly into the inner ear. The song plays for two minutes, the amount of time dentists recommend people spend brushing their teeth."