Sunday, March 13, 2005

Black Crawling Systems Archive

Black Crawling Systems Archive

"The Black Crawling Systems Archive was founded by Brian Oblivion. Originally a Boston based BBS from 1990-1993, Black Crawling Systems moved to the web in '93 and had a home at LØpht where Brian was a member.

"When LØpht ceased to exist on December 27, 1999, the Black Crawling Systems Archive soon followed.

"We really liked this archive and could not bear to see it die. Although some of the files may be outdated, and may only pertain to Americans, most of it will always be relevant and interesting to everybody. Not to mention its historical significance in our culture. "So, we've scrounged up a fairly complete mirror of it and put it back online. It is pretty much the way it was when it died. We've cleaned up all of the HTML and hunted down many of the files that were missing. We're still missing a few, so if you find any of those, please let us know. We had a difficult time finding a decent copy of the "Cellular Telephony Utilities" section of the archive, so we decided to merge what we could find with our own collection of cellular files while keeping it as much like the original as possible.

"We may add to this archive from time to time, but only when a file meets the old-school spirit of the rest of the archive. Many respects to the former LØpht for their enormous contribution to the scene. Long live the BCSA."