Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Strange World of Dr. Jonathan Reed

"According to Dr. Jonathan Reed, his encounter with an alien took place sometime during October 1996 in the Cascade Mountain woods of Washington State while hiking with his dog. At one point during the hike, Reed says, his dog became agitated and ran ahead of him barking. Concerned the animal was in danger after hearing it howl like it was 'being mauled,' Reed grabbed a tree branch about the size of a baseball bat and went to investigate. Upon reaching the site, Reed found his dog attacking a humanoid creature. The creature then attacked the dog, 'literally tearing the head off.' The dog was reduced to ashes -- Reed described it as having 'imploded.'

"Reed then claims to have lunged at the alien, striking it in the head with the branch. The alien, after being struck, screamed and fell to the ground.

"An hour after assaulting the alien and trying to regain his composure, Reed heard a humming sound coming from the woods. Seeking the source, he says, he observed a 'large, wedge shaped, black triangle' hovering low to the ground. He also called it an 'obelisk.' Reed, equipped with a 35mm camera and 8mm video camera, proceeded to photograph and film both the 'obelisk' and alien, as he remained at the scene for about three hours. Reed says he then wrapped the alien body in a thermal blanket, took it home and stored it in a freezer. {Two closeup photos of the alien's head, apparently lying on the shiny thermal blanket, and one photo of the alleged 'obelisk' craft, have circulated on the internet. - ed]

"The next day his friend, known only as 'Gary,' came over after Reed contacted him. Reed stated that 'Gary' contacted Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center and started asking "what if" questions, such as, 'What if we had a dead alien body?' [Peter Davenport has told CNI News that he does not recall speaking to 'Gary' or Dr. Reed at the time of this incident.] Reed also claims that his friend "Gary" has been missing for the last 2 years."

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If it has Whitley Streiber, it has to be true. Enjoy the fun. [Via Jonny]