Saturday, July 16, 2005

Grand Lodge Officers Jewels Stolen - Grand Lodge of California

A memo from the Masons, all the seeds that a Gm would need to get a pretty good modern campaign going.

Grand Lodge Officers Jewels Stolen - Grand Lodge of California


"June 24, 2005
"To: All Lodges, All Grand Lodge Officers, All Past Grand Masters and Past
"Grand Officers, All Inspectors
"From: David R. Doan, Grand Master

"Regarding: Theft of Grand Lodge Officers Jewels

"On June 2 the safe in the vault at the Grand Lodge Office was opened, and it was discovered that the briefcase with the Grand Lodge Officers Jewels was missing. The San Francisco Police were called, and an investigation was launched into what appears to be a theft of the jewels. They were locked in the safe by the Grand Tiler on October 14 of last year, and disappeared some time between October 14 and June 2.

"We are doing everything possible to assist the police with their recovery. At this point there is no evidence that anyone with proper access to the safe was involved. The police have suggested that a reward for their return be offered, and this is in the process of being done. Through the police department all the usual venues for the possible disposition of stolen property have been checked, and continue to be monitored.

"The jewels are covered by our insurance policy, and a claim has been filed with the carrier. At this point we do not know the extent of the coverage, because much depends upon how the loss is characterized. The jewels are appraised at $107,000, and we have both current digital pictures of them, and an appraisal, which should help."