Monday, October 15, 2007

Casper The...Friendly Ghost?

He’s been around since 1949, but what do we really know about Casper the 'Friendly' Ghost?

Looking over the remarkable Casper The Friendly Ghost omnibus (Dark Horse, $19.95) of almost 500 pages of Casper stories from 1949 to 1966, some scary patterns begin to emerge.

Is Casper really so 'friendly' as he lets on? What do we really know about him?

I was bored and took a thorough examination of the so-called 'friendly' ghost.

Right there, in the introduction to the book, Harvey Comics editor Sid Jacobsen is quoted denying that Casper is the ghost of a dead child. He says a ghost just exists, with no past, like a giant or a fairy.

This disputes the religious worldview that declares that ghosts are the souls of the dead, unless of course Casper and his people are something altogether new and different.

Like Skrulls.