Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Five Magical Items For Your Fantasy RPG Campaigns

I try to keep these fairly system neutral. so that you can easily pop them into the game system of your choice. I like magic items with interesting qualities to them, and I think that these reflect that. They have been influenced by various media sources, that you will probably recognize.

I hope that these magic items spark something for you in your games. If you use them, let me know.

The Puissant Eye of Truth and Wisdom
This magical object appears as a golden amulet fastened to a like-colored chain. The wearer is able to see through illusion spells and spell-like effects. Once per day, by concentrating on the amulet, an eldritch eye will appear from the amulet and come to rest on the wearer's forehead. This eye will cast a ray that will render the invisible visible, cancel illusions and cast a brilliant light that dispels all darkness and shadows, magically created or otherwise.

The Silver Helm
This helmet covers the wearer's head and face completely, without impeding the ability to see or breathe, and shrinks or grows to conform to the wearer. Three times per day, while being worn, the Helm allows the wearer to cast Sleep, as if they possessed the spell of the same name.

The Sword of Prophecies
The sword appears to be made of a precious metal like platinum, instead of the baser metals that are typically used to make swords. Set into the hilt is an immense ruby that, when it catches the light, looks like a winking eye. In combat, the sword gives its wielder a +2 to their attacks and damage. Once per day the wielder can hold the sword, pressing the gem to their forehead, and by concentrating on an individual the sword's wielder can see that person and their surroundings as if standing in the same place. Distance is no limit to this ability.

Horn of Healing
This appears to be a battered and tarnished horn, when blown it will cure 1d6+6 points of damage to everyone within ten feet of the person blowing into the horn. The horn can only be used once per day.

The Helm of Law
In the battle between Law and Chaos, both sides have laced the universe with powerful artifacts and magic items to try to sway the course of their eternal conflict. When this golden helmet is worn by a magic-user, an ancient voice whispers to them about the True Order to the universe. When wearing this helm, the spells per day of the magic-user are all increased by one and the helmet will whisper options of the proper spells to use in a situation. This voice can be distracting, but it is only heard by the person wearing the helmet. Removing this helmet requires a saving throw versus magic, and the person is unable to cast spells for 1d4 round as their mind readjusts itself.