Monday, October 22, 2012

My Necronomicon 2012 Schedule

Necronomicon, a local SF, Fantasy and Horror convention here in St. Petersburg, FL. Starts on the 26th. I will be in the convention. If you're local and we have talked only online previously, please take a moment and come say hello. This is my list of panels, and I am probably going to be in author's alley at a friend's table helping out.

My schedule:

Romantic Elements in F&SF: the Male Perspective    
10/26/12     2:00 PM     2:55 PM     St. Petersburg 3    
William Hatfield, Chris Helton, Rick Wilber, Linnea Sinclair, Host: Nancy J. Cohen

How Not to be a Successful Writer    
10/26/12     4:00 PM     4:55 PM     St. Petersburg 1    
Our authors discuss the things that will keep you from ever finding an audience for your work.
Tracy Akers, Johanna M. Bolton, Chris Helton, Rick Wilber

Getting Started: Writing Game Modules    
10/27/12     9:00 AM     9:55 AM     DEMENS    
Whether you want to write modules for your friends or for profit, get the advice you need to make them great from our pros.
Chris Helton, Christina McCoy, Eloy LaSanta, Joshua Peterson, Hal Greenberg, Host: Chris McCoy

How to End the Story    
10/27/12     2:00 PM     2:55 PM     St. Petersburg 3    
You got started and you put some good stuff in the middle but how do you give the tale a good finish? Learn here.
William Logan, Stokely Gittens, Lakisha Spletzer, Michael L. Joy, Chris Helton, Host: T.S. Robinson