Sunday, October 28, 2012

Necronomicon 2012 Interviews with Lakisha Spletzer and K.L. Nappier

This past weekend was Necronomicon 2012 here in St. Petersburg, FL. I've been a guest on their gaming track for the last few years, and I always enjoy getting the chance to speak about gaming and many other topics that I end up on panels for. This year, I decided to do a couple of short interviews with local writers that I have had the pleasure of meeting at the convention over the years. You can listen to these interviews here on the blog, or click through and listen to them on the SoundCloud site (where you can also download MP3s of the interviews). Both Spletzer and Nappier are self-publishing indie authors (although Nappier did start out "traditionally" with a larger publishing house.

Both talk briefly about their journeys as authors and share advice for other indie/small press/self-publishing authors, from the experience that they have picked up over the years of being writers and self-publishers.

Lakisha Spletzer

Lakisha Spletzer at Necronomicon 2012 by dorkland

K.L. Nappier
K.L. Nappier At Necronomicon 2012 by dorkland

I think that cross-pollination of ideas, even from sources that may not seem like they would have commonality (like the worlds of fiction and gaming publishing), can lead to learning new and interesting things about what we do ourselves.