Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tomorrow People, Where Is Your Past?

The other day I pitched to my G+ Hangout group doing a Fate-based game for a bit, using the playtest files from the Fate Core Kickstarter. After I sent them all a message, I was nosing around YouTube when I found an old video from the British TV show from the 70s, The Tomorrow People.

This science fiction series featured a group of kids, and young adults, who were the next step in human evolution: Tomorrow People! The Tomorrow People had evolved mental powers (revolving around the powers of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation). These Tomorrow People also had the genetic disposition towards non-violence, which meant that there wasn't a lot of fighting or big guns in the show. The most offensive that the Tomorrow People would get would be using stun guns at times.

This is sort of the seed of the game that I have pitched, with the characters being similar to Tomorrow People. The non-violent natures will make for interesting play as it will force the players to think outside of the box of how gaming traditionally deals with conflict, which is typically violence.

So, I am looking at a 70s style of science fiction, probably in a more contemporary setting. We will use the setting creation tools of Fate Core to fill in some of the blanks of this setting, starting from these seeds.

Also, David Bowie will probably seep into the mix as an influence as well.

We have some loose ends to tie up in the Swords & Wizardry game before we get to playing this, so we're not looking to start until middle or late January. It will be nice to shift gears for a bit and give a different type of gaming. It will be a good way to recharge the creative batteries.