Friday, December 27, 2013

Oh What Things You Find In Your RPG Books

I am preparing for a Rifts campaign that the Hangout Group will starting in a few weeks. That means hauling out bunches of my Palladium Games books off the shelves and reading through them, some for the first time in years. While I was still in Cleveland, I managed to pick up a couple of signed books (Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition and After The Bomb) and I've posted pictures of the signed pages on my Google+ account (which you can find a link to in the sidebar of this blog).

This is the front page of my signed Heroes Unlimited book:

It is pretty cool to have. I think that I started with Palladium stuff a bit later in life than a lot of the other fans of the games. My entry was finding a copy of Ninjas and Superspies at my (then) local gaming store in Lafayette, Indiana. I was hooked. I picked up Heroes Unlimited Revised next (it has just come out at the time), and over the years I have picked up and played a number of Palladium's games. Even when I had pretty much given up class and level-based games for systems like GURPS and Call of Cthulhu, Palladium games would still call at me. I've run a number of Heroes Unlimited games over the years, and I've said for a very long time that Ninjas and Superspies had my favorite handling of the martial arts in RPGs. The hours and hours of enjoyment that I have received from these games are incredibly out of proportion to the costs of them. I've long said that Palladium Games give the most bang for your gaming buck. Period.

One day I'll pick up the last couple of Heroes Unlimited books that I don't have. This game line will probably always be one of my favorites.

I know that it is fashionable, in certain parts of the internet, to bash Palladium Games but I've never felt that way about the games. The excitement and enthusiasm of Kevin Siembieda, Erik Wujcik, C.J. Carella and all of the other Palladium creators and artists just sing to me when I open up the pages of a Palladium game. It may be corny, but I really don't care. I have had lots of fun with these games, and I will continue to have fun with them for a very long time. That fun is the point of gaming, to me, and trumps all of the "concerns" that some may have about the system.

Any way, one of the points of this post was a discovery that I made just an hour ago. Yesterday, a post from +Joe England over on G+ made me mention that I thought TMNT needed nekomimis in it (if you don't know what one is, you might not want to Google it...just saying). About an hour ago I picked up my After The Bomb book to stat out some nekomimi with Palladium's Mutant Animal rules. I knew that my copy of the book was autographed, too, but I had forgotten who had all signed it.

When I saw that signature by Erik Wujcik it tugged a bit at my heart strings (yes, I do in fact have some). Erik was such a creative dynamo and driving force in tabletop gaming that it is hard to find an area of gaming that has not been touched by him. Even today, his diceless game lives on in new forms from Precis Intermedia and Rite Publishing. Yeah, I know. some people will be upset by my including Lords of Olympus. Those people can deal with it.

Hopefully Erik knows the impact that he has had on so many people in this hobby and knows that he is missed.

In a few weeks I am  to start running a Rifts game, and it will be kickass. One of the reasons for that is Erik Wujcik.