Sunday, June 19, 2022

Top Cow's Sara Pezzini, The Witchblade


Witchblade and Sara Pezzini are copyright
and trademark Top Cow.
Once again I am exploring 90s comics characters, and while she might not have been among the first wave of characters put out by Image Comics or Top Cow during that time Witchblade definitely quickly became one of the iconic characters of that era.

This particular writeup is a bit more modular than the previous Top Cow character that I adapted. You can take away the stunts dealing with sensing the supernatural and use the writeup to represent Sara earlier in her career as the Witchblade.

This is not intended to be considered to be an official adaptation of the Witchblade character, or a challenge to any copyrights or trademarks owned by Top Cow.

The Witchblade

Sara Pezzini


Wielder of the Witchblade Artifact; NYC Police Detective; Fiercely Loyal; Exceptionally Beautiful


Artifact Attunement: Because I am the Wielder of the Witchblade Artifact, I can sense the presence of other Artifacts and their wielders within a reasonable distance.
Supernatural Senses: Because I am the Wielder of the Witchblade Artifact and have fought a number of supernatural creatures, I can sense the presence of demonic or other supernatural creatures within five adjacent zones of me.
Witchblade Protection: Because I am the Wielder of the Witchblade Artifact, its armor will protect me and give me two additional boxes of physical stress.
Charming Countenance: Because I am Exceptionally Beautiful, I can get a +2 to Rapport to Overcome the resistance of those who find me attractive when I utilize my wiles against them.

Important Skills

Notice +4, Shoot +3, Will +3, Contacts +2, Fight +2, Rapport +2, Athletics +1, Stealth +1, Provoke +1, Burglary +1

Unique Conditions

The Witchblade (special) [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
While Sara is in possession of the Witchblade, most times it is in a reactive state, and works passively to protect her. To actively wield the powers of the Witchblade, mark a box of this condition. Each box marked gives Sara and additional Physical stress box while they are marked. Clearing the boxes reverts the Witchblade to its passive form as a bracelet that she always wears.

Sara's default Scale while the Witchblade is reactive is Competent (not in the fate Condensed SRD, but consider it to be a tier between Mundane and Supernatural). When the first box of this condition is marked, her Scale becomes Supernatural and after three boxes have been marked it becomes Otherworldly. With each box marked, more of the Witchblade physically manifests over Sara's body, forming a growing protective suit of armor.

Each box marked for The Witchblade also gives Sara +1 shift when determining the damage done by an attack made by her.


You can find out more about Pezzini's background as the Witchblade here.

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