Saturday, September 09, 2006

ArtHaus Acquires Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG

I'm not overly surprised by the news, not since I saw that some of the Guardians of Order BESM-related properties had been transferred to Arthaus on the website. I had hoped that it would be Mongoose who ended up with this, bu it would appear not to be the case.

Regardless, it is good news for BESM fans. I wish that it had been released as a softcover, at least, though. That price is a bit too rich for my tastes.

ArtHaus Acquires Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG

Fans of Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM) will be thrilled to learn that the 3rd Edition of this award winning role playing game will be released by ArtHaus in January 2007.

Previously published by Guardians of Order, BESM is designed to be a multi-genre anime and manga game and can accommodate nearly any setting or time period. The rules are simple to use and thus do not include an overwhelming amount of specific detail, with the task resolution system and combat engine designed to capture the fast-moving nature of anime and manga action. This element is one of the central strengths of the game, making BESM ideal for either the novice or experienced role-player.