Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Shepherd: A Fantasy Comic Book Kickstarter

I've done quite a few RPG Kickstarter posts on Dorkland! so far, but this is a first for me -- a comic Kickstarter. And what an excellent comic to start with: The Shepherd by Nathan Sage and Ron Joseph.

The Shepherd is a one-shot comic that focuses on the story of Astrid (the shepherd) and the hard choices she has to make when confronted with a legendary beast that has been wounded and the obsessive hunter that is tracking it.

The art seems to be quite beautiful -- just look at the image below to get a taste of it -- and the world seems to be quite intriguing. A mixture of fantasy, mythology and maybe a dash of post-apocalyptic, is what I am getting from it.

But, you likely want to know the pricing involved, right? Sure you do. Well, for starters, if you're looking to get a digital copy of the comic (as well as a few more goodies) you can hop on for $5. For a physical copy of the comic you'll be starting at $10. Going beyond that is an assortment of various goods -- most notably prints, cards and t-shirts -- that will be added on with the comic. Easy to get in on and the sky is the limit for any extras you might crave.

The Kickstarter page has even more artwork to check out from the comic, as well as information on the talent behind the comic and some of their work, which is well worth checking out.